Uzkio v1.23 - 12 November 2019 (00:44) by GOD Uzkio

  • Added more information in player profile including outfits available, equipped items and skills from the latest Znote update.

  • Modified Training Monks to be accesible since level 1 (instead of level 50).
  • Fixed trap in Glooth Bandit.
  • Improved quests (visual). Now you can see a captured boss as sample before entering TP's.

  • Added a 3rd floor to the Varbosa shop and a new NPC called "Tesha" to sell Jewelry.

  • Added Map to website:

Uzkio v1.22 - 05 November 2019 (19:50) by GOD Uzkio

  • Implemented new Training Monk anti-afk system based on player Soul Points.

    By default players have 100 Soul Points (premium players have 200). When entering into a Training Monk box every Soul Point will be consumed in 1/minute. Once allSoul Points are consumed, you will be automatically teleported outside Training Monk box.

    To restore Soul Points (as described in the Tibia wiki) you will need to hunt or rest in bed.

  • Reduced vegetation in Zugurosh hunting zone. It was a bit annoying to level up there.
  • DP now has now red carpets instead of green.
  • Happy Time experience rate was reduced from 60% to 50%.

Uzkio v1.21 - 30 October 2019 (01:50) by GOD Uzkio

  • Introducing the "Happy Time" concept. This consist in a 2 times a day lapse in which the experience rate will be increasedby 60% in that time.

    The time for the next "Happy Time" will be showed in the website sidebar.The times defined for this are:
    1. 2PM - 4PM UY time
    2. 9PM - 11PM UY time
  • Since the Training Monks are now PVP-zone to avoid abusive offline training the life of Training Monks hasbeen increased by 3 times.

    I would like to mention that I don't allow Bots on training because that's unfair.
  • Added 2 new experience rate Stages:

    1. 601 - 700 = exp x10
    2. 701 - inf. = exp x5

Uzkio v1.20 - 28 October 2019 (22:04) by GOD Uzkio

  • IMPORTANT: Training Monks now are PVP-zone, so don't exit your game because you could get killed by other players in there.

    This is to prevent abussive offline training and false online players. Houses should be the right place to go offline training.

    Also 2nd floor of Training was removed from existence, and 5 Training Monks doors are now gates of experise for level +300, +350, +400, +450 and for +500 to avoid killing noobs with area spells.

  • Jaul quest items were fixed (they were dropping wall objects
  • Fixed Gaz'hargaroth quest. Boss was being spawn multiple times.
  • Ushuriel quest TP modified to start on cave instead. I think some players were not finding the quest :P.
  • Added more items to be sell in Soya NPC.
  • Fixed a lot of traps and bugs.

Uzkio Server v1.19 - 22 October 2019 (21:50) by GOD Uzkio

  • Added Quest Items to Quest level +500:

      - Royal Scale Robe
      - Backpack of Holding
      - Umbral Master Crossbow
      - Umbral Master Axe

  • Added more items to be sell in Soya NPC.
  • Fixed vocation doors on Ushuriel quest.
  • Ushuriel quest now gives Demon Backpack and Dragon Backpack for Druids/Shamans and Sorcerers/Invokers.
  • Fixed some other internal issues