[#18] 19 October 2019 (10:10) by GOD Uzkio - Uzkio Server v1.18
  • Improved Invoker: Added "Ice Overlord", "Fire Overlord", "Energy Overlord" and "Earth Overlord" to "utevo res" invocation spell.
  • Modified Berserker: "utito ancient tempo" now allow player to recover mana and health during the effects. To compensate that now the attack decreased from +550% to +475% and shield decreased from -50% to -65%.
  • Knight/Berserkers spells now cost 15% less mana on use.
  • Improved Shaman: "utori ancient pox" damage increased 15%.
  • Improved Sniper: "exori ancient con" damage increased 15%.
  • Now you can sell more items to NPC Soya.
  • Removed some trash from monsters loot.
  • Demon loot chance slightly increased.