[#21] 30 October 2019 (01:50) by GOD Uzkio - Uzkio v1.21
  • Introducing the "Happy Time" concept. This consist in a 2 times a day lapse in which the experience rate will be increasedby 60% in that time.

    The time for the next "Happy Time" will be showed in the website sidebar.The times defined for this are:
    1. 2PM - 4PM UY time
    2. 9PM - 11PM UY time
  • Since the Training Monks are now PVP-zone to avoid abusive offline training the life of Training Monks hasbeen increased by 3 times.

    I would like to mention that I don't allow Bots on training because that's unfair.
  • Added 2 new experience rate Stages:

    1. 601 - 700 = exp x10
    2. 701 - inf. = exp x5